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Guanajuato Mexico, Land Of History.

from: Omar Ferro

The history of Mexico is full of vibrant episodes along its
history; beginning with the first indigenous settlers arriving
from the north of the continent, continuing with the Colonial
period started by the arrival and occupation of the lands that
are now part of Mexico by the Spaniard soldiers and
missionaries. And stretching until our modern days with all its
contradictions and beauties; but with its people always
maintaining the peculiar identity that has identified them
through the centuries.

Among the many Mexican cities that are vivid testimonies of
periods of this history, there is one that has, along with
history, a very particular charm and identity.

This city is called href="
avel.htm">Guanajuato and is situated 400 km north of Mexico
City, near the geographical center of the Republic. It has a
pretty mild climate with a spring-like weather during most of
the year.

Guanajuato is not a big city and its origins go back to the
settling of the first Spaniard explorers in the XVI century, who
found and exploded the huge richness of the hills that surround
this peculiar town. This richness of silver and gold of its
mines was of such importance to the Spanish Crown that the city
was given the title of "Real de Minas" and its fame, along with
its gold, traveled all over the world.

The strange topography of the city is one of the main sources of
its peculiarities. All of the houses and buildings were built on
the skirts of hills and together form a conglomerate that
reminds you of a "cubist" painting by Picasso, with all those
square houses in different levels, as in an artist canvas, and a
maze of alleys barely separating each house from the other.

Guanajuato was not only witness of great richness but also was
one of the starting spots of the Insurgent revolution leading to
the independence of the country. The first major battle of this
struggle for freedom against the Spanish Crown took place in
this city, more specifically at the building known has the
"Alhondiga de Granaditas". This is a huge building that used to
be a corn and wheat depot and that, considering the situation of
the insurrection, was used by the Spaniards and their alleys has
a refuge during the battle. At the end Insurgents conquered the
"Alhondiga" thanks to the local hero known as "El Pipila", who
burned the main entrance door protecting himself from the
bullets fired from above with a stone plate laced to his back.

This along with other vibrant episodes of Mexican history have
made of Guanajuato an important historical place to visit by
many people around the world, that now can enjoy the tourist
vocation of the city with its many hotels and amenities.

About the author:

Omar Ferro; freelance travel writer and explorer of world's
interesting and beautiful places. Want to learn more about
Guanajuato? You can visit:

= >


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